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This is a group about hitchhiking Canada. All aspects of hitchhiking in Canada are welcome, and so is everyone.

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Created: Feb 10, 2007
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Tim ReentsTim Reents want to get from Toronto GTA to Calgary/Banff (end of April/May) 03/29/2014
Lea RezićLea Rezić I'm hitching in Canada of course 03/13/2014
Jonny LineJonny Line I hitch in Canada 09/30/2013
TRAVELIN-THUMBTRAVELIN-THUMB Looking To Hitch Canada 06/20/2012
Daniel BeaumontDaniel Beaumont 04/18/2014
Agnes AndreAgnes Andre hitchhiking! 12/14/2013
Franek KaczmarczykFranek Kaczmarczyk doing a lot of that here! 08/19/2013
Brett and Irina TaylorBrett and Irina Taylor 03/30/2014


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Hitch-hike and hike to Isle Royale (States) from Winnipeg- mid MayAgnes Andre-  04/20/2014
hitching starting in mid May: Montreal -> Newfoundland -> the Rockies -> Yukon -> AlaskaFranek Kaczmarczyk4  04/19/2014
Hitchhiking EAST (Montreal) to WEST (Vancouver) Canada over 6 months from May! Looking for people to travel with/meet along the way!Daniel Beaumont-  04/19/2014
Toronto->anywhereAnastasia Melenteva1  04/18/2014
hitchhiking to Yukon NOWLea Rezić3  04/14/2014
Vancouver its time to say, so long! Fare well!Joel Timmins1  04/14/2014
Winnipeg going EastTRAVELIN-THUMB-  04/14/2014
Nova Scotia - West (May)Jonny Line1  04/08/2014
advice,please:The best of Canada?Barbora Kubátová5  04/08/2014
Looking for someone to hitchhike from ontario to anywhereSorina Budeanu5  04/05/2014
hitchhike buddy - Toronto GTA to Calgary/Banff (end of April/May)Tim Reents1  03/30/2014
Looking for a hitch buddy :-)Jessie Jung4  03/30/2014
Travel Buddy: Seattle/Vancouver BC - New York via Canada or USA. July/AugustBrett and Irina Taylor-  03/30/2014
hitchhike Vancouver -> MontrealAlex Melicher2  03/24/2014
Vancouver -> Toronto, Montreal, NYC, ? [ July-August ]Veronika D2  03/20/2014
Hitchhike Montreal - Vancouver in may?Stéphanie Luu5  03/13/2014
Vancouver -> NelsonAlex Melicher-  03/02/2014
Toronto --> WESTNathan Liao-  02/18/2014
hitch hike from Vancouver to Winnipeg on the 20th dec? (about)Agnes Andre1  12/15/2013
Vancouver ---> Northwest Territories January 2014Mattia Zaffalon1  11/14/2013
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