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This is a group about hitchhiking Canada. All aspects of hitchhiking in Canada are welcome, and so is everyone.

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Isaac DochertyIsaac Docherty Looking for tips 05/06/2013
Lea RezićLea Rezić I'm hitching in Canada of course 03/13/2014
Klara Tumova Klara Tumova I am going to Canada and I am going to hitch hike there 04/08/2014
Joel TimminsJoel Timmins love to thumb! 08/09/2012
Anastasia MelentevaAnastasia Melenteva 04/14/2014
TRAVELIN-THUMBTRAVELIN-THUMB Looking To Hitch Canada 06/20/2012
Gabriel PessoaGabriel Pessoa Because I want make new friends and go around 03/19/2014
Jessie JungJessie Jung looking for a buddy to hitch with :-) 03/27/2014


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A.B to Vancouver after new yearBIODIEZEL-  11/25/2012
23rd November: Friday - Montréal to Boston (USA)Christopher Rowland-  11/22/2012
From BC(Canada) to Patagonia(Argentina)!!! April 2013Enzo Casanova-  11/15/2012
We're hitching from Nelson EAST to Montreal - anyone fancy picking us up?Patrick Chester-  11/10/2012
Tips HOW to hitch from Vancity to Whistler ?Anni.Marie3  10/29/2012
looking for hitchmate for Montréal-Vancouver, nov'12.Cam Bonneville1  10/23/2012
Calling All Canadians!Katlyn James-  10/20/2012
HITCH-HIKE ALBERTAgemma Pons alsina-  10/18/2012
Need A ride? AB to B.C!! Oct.soon.Laura Campbell2  10/08/2012
Summer 2013 trip across Canada and AlaskaGayle Bergman-  10/06/2012
Highway of Tears UpdateAnton Bueckert-  10/02/2012
East!Marley Heron9  10/02/2012
Hitchhike from Vancouver to Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto end of Sep .Carol Yen1  10/01/2012
INTO THE WILD: Last call for passengers heading to the West!! for spontaneous and open-minded people only!Avior Emanuel3  09/22/2012
Travelling buddy for the Trans-Canadian (EASTbound) in October?Armina Dinescu2  09/22/2012
want to join montreal-quebec\quebec-montreal-toronto?Kevin Fairdosi-  09/15/2012
Hitchhiking forbidden in Canada?Stella von der Embse8  09/03/2012
Looking for Hitching Buddy for Travel Across Canada from Toronto AreaThe_Cocktail_Hobo1  09/02/2012