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Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle in Berlin


This group is for all humans who are living the Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle in Berlin!
(or anyone interested in doing so)

...in the spirit of moving towards a more peaceful, more thoughtful and less cruel lifestyle, let's work and play in harmony...and enjoy Good Food, Good Fun and Good Chat...

...as there is so much Good to grab already in Berlin...we all know how bloody easy veghead living is here!

This group is for constructive thought, lecker things, and fun times...

...it is NOT the place to debate about the philosophies of vegetarians and vegans and ovo-lactos and pescetarians and fruitarians and who is right or wrong or more right or more wrong among us.

Let's be together in our evolution...

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Created: Oct 4, 2011
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KATYREKK KATYREKK moderator together in evolution... 10/04/2011
KAROLUSS KAROLUSS moderator I'm 100% vegetarian, 95% vegan 05/02/2012
Thea AbrahamThea Abraham vegan power ;) 06/07/2013
Thomas AndersThomas Anders 11/10/2013
Pune I.Pune I. 09/15/2012
Maria HaenschMaria Haensch 12/12/2013
LiszMaryLiszMary I am vegan! 08/19/2013
Greice WolkanGreice Wolkan 03/18/2014


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visiting from Sept 19th until sept 23rd, and would like to meet up!PEGGYAMSTERDAM-  09/15/2013
Beautiful room in shared flat/ Long term!Imke Möhlmann3  09/15/2013
Looking for a veggie room from 1st Oct !LADYLYNDON-  09/15/2013
Room in Neukölln from September 18th until end of OctoberCeleste Barkow González-  09/12/2013
Anyone wanna meet up Friday evening?CHRISTIAN.H-  09/12/2013
vegan australian girl seeks couchBrittany Day-  09/11/2013
looking for a room with Blue ;)Devi_Goldmund-  09/10/2013
travelling in Berlin for some days - want to meet up ?Laurène MARTIN1  09/01/2013
VeganFest 2013 in Berlin! 31 August (Saturday)KATYREKK4  09/01/2013
Falafel in BerlinGizi_Santino8  08/31/2013
someone wants to meet or has tips for some restaurants?Maike_Gr-  08/28/2013
Sunny room in veggie haus mit carnivore cats (starts around 1 October), WeddingKATYREKK-  08/23/2013
Raw food picnic Volkspark Hasenheide / Saturday, Aug 24 / 4:30pmLuna Leung-  08/20/2013
need a couch!Yana Nesmeyanova-  08/15/2013
What is Consciousness- Event eveningAnna La Gitana-  08/13/2013
vegetaria vegan picnic Volkspark HumboldthainL.ela3  08/09/2013
Interesting offer - anyone want to apply for a room with in NK with me?Valerie Kwan-  08/09/2013
soup week at Caramina (new café/bar)Pune I.-  08/05/2013
VEGGIE FLATSHARE (Sep13-Jan14)Maarruu-  08/03/2013
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