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Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle in Berlin


This group is for all humans who are living the Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle in Berlin!
(or anyone interested in doing so)

...in the spirit of moving towards a more peaceful, more thoughtful and less cruel lifestyle, let's work and play in harmony...and enjoy Good Food, Good Fun and Good Chat...

...as there is so much Good to grab already in Berlin...we all know how bloody easy veghead living is here!

This group is for constructive thought, lecker things, and fun times...

...it is NOT the place to debate about the philosophies of vegetarians and vegans and ovo-lactos and pescetarians and fruitarians and who is right or wrong or more right or more wrong among us.

Let's be together in our evolution...

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Created: Oct 4, 2011
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KATYREKK KATYREKK moderator together in evolution... 10/04/2011
KAROLUSS KAROLUSS moderator I'm 100% vegetarian, 95% vegan 05/02/2012
Dennis KnickelDennis Knickel 05/28/2013
Teresa StrousTeresa Strous A fellow vegan from Australia travelling to Belin soon! 04/15/2014
Thomas AndersThomas Anders 11/10/2013
Peter NeuberPeter Neuber 04/18/2014
Alexander M.Alexander M. 02/23/2014


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sublet my room for 10 days (25 June- 5 July)Devi_Goldmund-  06/16/2013
Australian Singer Songwriter Emaline Delapaix (Vegan) @ Playing with Eels Veggie Cafe/Gallery Sat 15th JuneHOPEGROWS1  06/13/2013
Berlin House Concert with Irish Singer Songwriter Enda Gallery incl Veggie Potluck, Tue 11th JuneHOPEGROWS-  06/10/2013
coutch needed 6/27-6/29Kaislamar Uimonen-  06/10/2013
Raw Vegan Potluck for everyone on 20th June in KreuzbergLuna Leung6  06/10/2013
ecological food community/VerbrauchergemeinschaftSophia Fischer6  06/08/2013
Veg Potluck in Friedrichshain tonight - Thursday 6th JuneAmber Sunshine-  06/06/2013
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Vegan BBQ on June 1st at 2pm in Görlitzer Park!Nicole Abramowski9  06/02/2013
vegan newbie in BerlinJoanna Poszumska5  06/01/2013
Vegan Chocolate-Maker is looking for a couch (emergency!) and whatever :Dkatzemitlocken2  06/01/2013
vegetarian aussie in berlin :)Deb Neumann1  05/23/2013
looking for a room in veggie flat from JULY onwardsMaarruu-  05/23/2013
my italian for your german!LADYLYNDON-  05/21/2013
Couch/room needed for 11 weeks (20/6-6/9), will work for keep.Amelia Easten-  05/18/2013
NEED A ROOM? Beginning of June, in Neukölln! Veggies!Alexandra Dybvik-  05/18/2013