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Paris à vélo


This grp was supposed to be a temporary group in order to prepare the bike ride " Jeu de pistes cyclables- Paris Printemps 2007" in Paris.

Now it is open to every bike lover in Paris or travelling in Paris, any suggestion of event, tips, ect... is welcome.

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Created: Feb 13, 2007
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AFRASAFRAS moderator 03/13/2007
TOOKI TOOKI moderator 02/13/2007
Adam-ZenAdam-Zen simply i like bikes 04/06/2014
PHILIPPE.75PHILIPPE.75 I love bikes! 09/20/2013
Klodi MillonaKlodi Millona 04/16/2014
MichelMoghaudoMichelMoghaudo 04/12/2009
Mathieu CbnMathieu Cbn because I like the idea of visiting Paris with a bike. it's more funny, espacially with sun 04/15/2013


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Female road ride this Sunday, 25/10, La MandrinneAnna Pons2  10/21/2009
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montain bike trip a next week endThomas Moissard4  10/05/2009
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need a cycle for 4 days in Paris with child sit.any help?GAECHKA1  09/26/2009
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