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Travelling around Stateless Nations. News, Campaigns.

We vindicate Woodrow Wilson's proposals for Stateless Nations after the I W.W.
And, of course, the Principle of Self-Determination of International Laws (N.U.) for Stateless Nations. Lots of States which signed it persecute their own enslavend Stateless Nations.

Devolutionism: Give back X-land to X-ans

For Econations, natural cultural ecosystems.
♥ Small is beautiful, peaceful, lesser corrupt and more prosperous ♥
"Maps allow us to know States, but not Nations, which raise from language harmony" (G. W. Leibnitz, a German Philosopher).
Against false artificial borders of Jacobinism/Uniformism and imperialist Leviathans, Babylons... "...aren't nations; they're quarrels with borders"- P. J. O'Rourke
"Nationalism" is a confusing word used for two opposite cases: 1) the Right to survival and selfdetermination or selfrule of conquered or colonised nations (as well as Braveheart, Moshe, Gandhi...or Avatar or Asterix & Obelix!) which want to remain free.
and 2) the imperialist State Abuse that want to delete native cultures and Nations occupied by their Army and discriminated by their "Racist" and Linguidice Laws (as well Tibetans or Uighurs conquered by China, Kurds under Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, Imazighen, Scotts, Catalonians or Basques under Spain and France, Amerindians...
We stand for the Right and against the Abuse.
When a huge State is stealing, cheating and trying on exterminating a conquered Stateless Nation and Stateless people is working for becoming free or independent, then, States accuse them to want "to separate" or "to divide" and tell they are "Separatist". But they really are only "Devolutionist": as "Give back Ireland to Irish"
No Nation should be mastered by another which submit it into a colonial Regime.
Borders are to Stateless Nations which are into Prison-States without right to a Lawyer neither to a just Judgment.
Moshe, Christ, Marx, Einstein, Gandhi were Stateless.

Genocide against Nilotic Nations in South Sudan (this pic is the 1994 Pulitzer Prize)

“At the end of a century that has seen the evils of Communism, Nazism and other modern tyrannies, the impulse to centralize power remains amazingly persistent” (Joseph Sobren).
Films as well as "Avatar" or "Braveheart" explains for the most what is a Stateless nation or Indigenous culture and what Imperialism-Militarism-Materialism-Colonialism and their devilish interests are: "Avatar"

~For people interested in any of hundreds of Stateless / indigenous nations around the world, in Western or Eastern countries, in America or in Asia, Africa, Oceania-Pacific or Europe. http://www.faqs.org/minorities/index.html
For indigenous or native people culturally identified with their own Stateless nations.
~~For Survival!
~~Genocide Intervention Network

~♥ “It is beneath human dignity to lose one’s individuality and become a mere cog in the machine” (Mahatma Gandhi).
~♥ "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." (Martin Luther King, Jr. Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech. Dec. 10, 1964, Oslo, Norway).

~Or for national minorities everywhere (for example: Armenians in Turkey, Germanspeaking in Elsass or in Transylvannia or in Pennsylvannia, Tamil in Sri Lanka, Hungarians in Serbia, Cajun in US...)
This is for: Scots, Kurds, Imazighen, Saharawis, Tibetans, Sardinians, Hmong, Mon, Karen, Baluchis, Uyghurs, Navajo, Inuit, Kichwas, Colla (or Aymara), Mayas, Basques, Friulians, Occitans, Welsh, Catalonians, Igbos, Fangs, Quebequois, Galicians, Nubians, Copts, Britons, Flemish, Sami, Fryske (Frisians) and so.
Lots of Stateless Links around the World

And also for any people who are concerned with our problems and oppression.
Stateless Movements around the World

☺ Find the address where you're going to:
By typing any address
By looking for (towns') maps around the world

Group of the CS Environment & Native-Friendly Network. For Cultural Respect and Protection of Indigenous People’s Rights

~~Stateless Nations' Sports
~~History's Mathematics
Multilingual web about History's Mathematics
~~Stateless Nations News

No own State, no protection from (foreigner, stronger) States. If every natural nation to have got its own free State, genocides as well as Rwanda, Algeria, Madagascar, Shoa, Kurdîstan, those in Sudan and Myan Mar...should be avoided. An own State is the passport, in the World, to Survival and National and Cultural Freedom.
Stop to Colonization ("If you want to dominate a country, fill it with your people", Benito Mussolini).
~~198 Methods of Nonviolent Action, by Gene Sharp

"Unite, Stateless Nations", this is your Inter-national for our Freedom. For Freedom of Enslaved Nations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD4gWvTXj44&NR=1
In accordance to the Geneva Convention, the first duty of a prisoner of war is to escape to freedom. That is exactly what Stateless Nations want: to be in accordance with the International Geneva Convention.
Nations for their Freedom
"Chorus of Hebrew Slaves" (at Nabucco, by Verdi)

Each Stateless Nation is a group of slaves who needs fleeing from Pharao's Despotism and need his own Moshe.

☆"The man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny" (Wole Soyinka, *1934, African Writer).
☆"An enslave-nation, as much as an enslaved person, is a shame for the Mankind and for the Universe" (Lluís Maria Xirinacs, a Catalan leader, in his Testament).
☆"It is to suffer live under fear, is it not? This means to be a slave" (From the film "Blade Runner", by Ridley Scott).
☆"The world is going to a deeper economic integration (...) But it is untrue that the global trend is going towards a further political integration. In fact the reality is exactly the opposite: if we look at the number of countries (= States) existing on planet Earth after the 2nd World War, we see that has not stopped increasing: in 1946 there were 74 countries, while in Currently, the total amount of countries is 191" (Xavier Sala i Martín, Catalan economist).

"This is not England"

*"Support for Tibet" at C.S.
"Free Tibet" at C.S.
*Ainu People
*Karen, Mon and other Southernasian Nations (under Genocide) at C.S.
*Kurdîstan at C.S.

*The Nubians (Egypt-Sudan)
*"Darfur tomorrow" (Sudanese Genocide against Nilotic nations) at C.S.
"The black book of Darfur"
"The Newest Free State: South Sudan"
*Igbos/Biafra at C.S.
*"The Yorubas" at C.S.
*"Imazighen around the world / Les Amazigh du Monde" at C.S.
Imazighen from Canary Islands (In Spanish)
Canary Islands and Spain
Amazgha (Berberian Lands): http://www.amazighworld.org/countries/index.php
Imazighen's History
*Western Sahara

*Abya Yala/Amerindia at C.S.
*"Mundo Maya" (Maya World) at C.S.
*Quebec at C.S.

*Occitania at C.S.
Occitan Blog
Occitania at Wikipedia
Occitan Lands
*Sardinia at C.S.
*Veneti Euroregion
*"Catalan Lands" at C.S.
Catalunya (Catalonia)
*Aragonese Devolutionist Web
*"Euskal-herria" (Basque nation) at C.S.
Basque Peace Process
*Nations under Spain (History, in Spanish)
*"Independent Scotland" at C.S.
*Celtic Nations
*SüdTirol (under Italian occupation)
"SüdTiroler Nachrichten"

*New Free State of Kosovë at C.S.

*Maori at C.S.

Avatar, Barbarian Uniformist Globalisation destroying First Nations and Languages

Related groups at CS:
=> Indigenous Musics / Lesser-Used & Endangered Languages / Stateless Cultures
=> "Nations against Globalism"
=> "Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Non-Violence", a way towards the Freedom
=> Human Rights Watch

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