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wanderliliwanderlili moderator 09/07/2012
Temur GUNDOGDUTemur GUNDOGDU moderator 11/14/2011
osman Göçer osman Göçer 03/13/2013
Fatih ArslanFatih Arslan 11/25/2011
Levent BudusLevent Budus 09/15/2012
DARK LADY DARK LADY I like movie &books 11/17/2011
Kardelen GünaydınKardelen Günaydın my two favourite things 04/16/2013


exchange of Bluray Movies & PS3 Games1-
Istanbul - Books and Beer Club 2.01-


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Poll: book nominationwanderlili5  09/15/2012

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Cittâ d'AnimeLevent Budus-  07/11/2013
people are joining and PMing but does anyone ACTUALLY want to do this book club thing?wanderlili14  05/14/2013
book missing from the list...ANONALI4  09/21/2012
2nd meetingwanderlili-  09/12/2012
1st Books and beer meetingwanderlili-  09/10/2012
Suggestion for ClubTemur GUNDOGDU1  12/19/2011