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Language Immersion/Exchange


For anyone interested in languages! Maybe you just want to brush up on skills before travelling, maybe you are stuck in America and would like an opportunity to not forget what you know! Come in and post what language exchange you would like one on one or make a group outing if enough people are interested.

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Created: Nov 14, 2011
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youngdan Wonyoungdan Won Hi :)I want to know someone who interested in China and Korea culture, and I recentely just moved to Boston to study English.So I want to language exchange or through this opportunity to make a new friends. 03/13/2014
Jay YangJay Yang 01/16/2013
Marta F. DiasMarta F. Dias Portuguese (from Portugal) native speaker, Italian (intermediate), English (Advance) 02/18/2014
Yader DuenasYader Duenas Language Immersion 04/29/2013
Henry FingerhutHenry Fingerhut Trying trying trying to learn german! 07/13/2013
Vinicius QuaresmaVinicius Quaresma want to practice english and maybe french. 10/07/2013
hamzeghalebihamzeghalebi becouse i am here to improve my English 01/15/2014
Izie El HadoutiIzie El Hadouti Practice more French and German:) 03/26/2013


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Hi! I'm an Italian girl, I want to improve my English, I can help you with Italian and FrenchChiara Filippini20  02/25/2014
Wanna learn Russian or just chat?)Ramil Sadekov-  01/26/2014
Practice GermanMichael McHugh-  01/22/2014
Practice & Learn French & GermanEdward Henry 2  01/17/2014
french meetupspook00715  01/15/2014
improve my englishhamzeghalebi-  01/15/2014
Thai, English for Spanish/Japanese.Thaddeus Angelos1  01/06/2014
Spanish for EnglishMaria Alba4  10/22/2013
hi i am an spanish native speaker who wants to perfect his englishAndres Echeverri8  10/08/2013
Prata du svenska?Julie Charetsson-  10/02/2013
Language exchange - Chinese for EnglishElaine Wang-  09/21/2013
Spanish or English classes for Italian/French/or Spanish practiceTaylor Blackwell-  09/13/2013
itali call usa! can u hear me???? please help me!!!!Alessia Stefanelli-  08/19/2013
Norwegian for a coffee/beer/glass of wineDylan Clark-  08/15/2013
Wanna improve or learn German? Exchange for English, Spanish or MandarinMagkat5  07/29/2013
German for English/HebrewRenana Farbstein-  07/14/2013
Mandarin for English, Spanish, or French // 找中文换语伴,可以换英语、法语、西班牙语Will Doenlen1  06/29/2013
Spanish lessons in Boston!Maria ZS-  06/29/2013
Monthly Language Exchange Meetups! - Mandarin tomorrowJinyoung Park-  06/25/2013
Seeking Swahili Conversation Partner!Tara Grillos-  06/24/2013
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