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Plant a tree wherever you go!


why not to plant a tree wherever we go?
Trees take time to grow, and since we are on this earth we mostly cut them!
World would be better if we plant a little tree or a plant when we visit a place, and we could post here the photos while planting!

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Created: Nov 14, 2011
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TheWitchOfOzTheWitchOfOz moderator 11/14/2011
Ren YazanRen Yazan will do! 08/04/2012
Saim Yigit BayrakSaim Yigit Bayrak because we planted about 3000 would an fruit trees only this winter on wild hills (public lands) 11/10/2013
Magdalena BertilssonMagdalena Bertilsson - 02/16/2012
Eva HolzapfelováEva Holzapfelová 02/08/2013
KiTeya Belford-SmithKiTeya Belford-Smith Trees are elders. They teach us, nurture us, provide for us. We need more trees. 03/30/2014
Sara ConrottoSara Conrotto i did plant one tree 2 years ago and I would love to do it in every place I visit and share this experience with other people 12/17/2013
Sarah BSarah B Because if we all planted seeds everywhere we went... we would have an outstandly abundant world to live in. Save seeds! Throw them out for the birds... eventually they'll grow somewhere. Don't throw them in the trash.... 11/03/2013


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