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Regular Weekend Microadventures


After travelling freely for 4 months; to bear the amount of stress and boredom of the full working & studying life, and save my insanity; I am hitting the road every weekend do to something extraordinary.
Feel free to join in.
Check out my blog (yolda.org/blog in Turkish) to learn more about our travelling style.
Events are also in association with my blog&community.

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Regular Weekend Microadventures11

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Daily Trip To Incegiz Caves- Sunday, 6th of AprilGPAINTS-  03/19/2014
Trip to Ilgaz MountainGPAINTS-  02/07/2014
Microadventure 23: Secrets of Thrace...Ümit Orhan-  01/15/2014
Daily Trip to Catalca-Incegiz Caves on 26 th Jan, SundayGPAINTS-  01/11/2014
Daily trip&trekking in village- 17th Nov, SundayGPAINTS-  11/01/2013
La Microaventure Française!Ümit Orhan-  06/25/2013
Microadventure #21:Daily trip to Edirne, Meric(evros), Hamam...Ümit Orhan-  03/18/2013
will micradventures be continuing?irem Erdem4  01/13/2013
Goodbye for now Istanbul... A farewell home gathering&party, tonight.... Come!!Ümit Orhan2  08/27/2012
Camp in Saroz, AssosSevilay Sezer3  07/17/2012
Who is up for a picnik by the sea-side? Join the 2nd Vegetarian Potluck in Moda...Ümit Orhan-  06/03/2012
MicroAdventure #19: The Pearl of Black Sea.Ümit Orhan3  05/26/2012
MicroAdventure #15: Hitchhiking trip to Uludağ!Ümit Orhan1  04/18/2012
MicroAdventure #14: Offroad Race & Dipping @BlackSea!Ümit Orhan1  04/17/2012
MicroAdventure #12: Canyon Sansarak and the Mighty River![Past]Ümit Orhan-  04/17/2012
Hitting the road towards Van...Ümit Orhan1  03/15/2012
RW MicroAdventure #11: Hot Springs & Lake NiceaÜmit Orhan-  03/08/2012
RW Microadventure #10: Skinny dipping at Black Sea!Ümit Orhan1  03/03/2012
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