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Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2012

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Carnival is around the corner and we will all be descending on Rio for the traditional Samba party. We might as well try to meet up and experience it all together!

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Michael Reif Michael Reif moderator 12/20/2011
Thiago CruzThiago Cruz 01/12/2012
José  Rocha José Rocha going to rio for carnival! 01/25/2012
Jelmer Vonk Jelmer Vonk meet people in Rio 02/21/2012
Mara AresMara Ares visiting Rio 02/18/2012
Jimmy Valencia Jimmy Valencia Because I'm goin this year! 02/15/2012
Edi AlmeidaEdi Almeida because I love carnival in Rio 01/26/2012
Michele CalvelloMichele Calvello Carioca from February to July :) 01/28/2012


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How does the metro work during Carnival?KATHERINE371  02/15/2012
Feb 16th - CS Weekly meetingGabriela Godoi-  02/14/2012
Ideas for travelers into CarnivalMichael Reif28  02/14/2012
come to Rio and want to see carnival and meet people and can use help, pleasemike Gunn-  02/13/2012
Today is my Birthday!! Help me celebrate--I need your help!......Lori Mabunga2  02/13/2012
CouchesGabriela Godoi10  02/13/2012
Uruguayos en Rio de JaneiroMatias Porley-  02/12/2012
homeless girl!! need help (=hanoch Gal1  02/11/2012
who is going alone like me so we can go together ?doris Nol16  02/11/2012
sunday 12th street party!Gabriela Godoi-  02/11/2012
I still haven't bought my Sambodromo tickets. Anyone want to go with me Feb 19th?Lori Mabunga13  02/10/2012
Hostels, Buses and Samba School Parade TicketsKATHERINE37-  02/08/2012
Who bought the Sambodromo tickets already?Luiza Gulyamova10  02/08/2012
Hi, I have 2 Carnival Sambadromo tickets for sector 6 for sale for the 20th!!Damian Donnell-  02/08/2012
last minuteARBEX_BR1  02/06/2012
preciso un couch !!!! :)))))Margherita Albanesi1  02/06/2012
Street PartyAmarina Olilveira2  02/01/2012
Want to be part of an international filmproduction to be shot during carnival?Ole Bendtzen1  01/30/2012
Sector 5 Sambodromo Carnival 2012Afton Le Gendre2  01/27/2012
Couches, Balls, and Street PartiesMichael Reif2  01/26/2012
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