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BCN nightlife


Posts about when and where to go on your nights out in BCN! Let's set the city on fire!

2º 7’ 42’’ E
41º 24’ 42’’ N
ALT. 12,5m (Pl. Sant Jaume)
POP. 1.593.075 (2005)

Accepted languages to post on this forum are English, Spanish and Catalan

For suggestions about meetings, events and CS activities in Barcelona, check our calendar:

Before you post a practical/generic questions to the groups it may already be answered in the Barcelona CS wiki So check it out, use it, add new info, edit it! Also you can read useful information in the WikiTravel Barcelona site

Barcelona's short name is BARNA or BCN. If you refer to it as Barça, Barca (btw, it means 'boat' in English) or Barsa, you mean the football team. Arsenal is not London, Juventus is not Torino, Steaua is not Bucharest, CSKA is not Moscow... so Barça is not Barcelona :DDD

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CHAVALES CHAVALES moderator 03/09/2007
Laura SpinelliLaura Spinelli Yendo a Barcelona! 04/14/2014
Niels LinsinghNiels Linsingh I like to go to Barcelona 10/23/2013
Danitza SevalleDanitza Sevalle Bcn : The perfect place for my party Mood ON ;P 11/05/2009
Laura BMLaura BM 04/17/2012
Purnendu KushwahaPurnendu Kushwaha 04/06/2014
Jankely Felix del AguilaJankely Felix del Aguila Because i like to party! like everybody! 08/06/2010


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BCN nightlife22
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