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Italy CS Organization


Discussion group for CS Ambassadors in Italy.

Our page: wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Italian_Ambassadors

Our emails:

CouchSurfingItaly@gmail.com - ordinary communications

911.CS.Italy@gmail.com - emergency issues communications

Members: 67
Sub-Groups: 1
Members in Sub-Groups: 7
Created: Mar 11, 2007
Type: Public
Moderated: Yes

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Mimmo Panza Mimmo Panza moderator 10/02/2007
MR.MOJITO MR.MOJITO moderator CS City Ambassador for Milano 03/11/2008
Alessandro C. Alessandro C. moderator 03/11/2007
Tiziano D'Angelo Tiziano D'Angelo moderator CS Country Ambassador for Italy 03/11/2007
MARCOBLU MARCOBLU moderator Country Ambassador for Italy 10/02/2007
Maurizio Mangano Maurizio Mangano moderator 10/02/2007
Giampiero Calabrese Giampiero Calabrese moderator 05/12/2007
CRIIRSARA CRIIRSARA CS City Ambassador for Bolzano 01/06/2008


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