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New York is a very transient city, lots of people moving to and leaving all the time, selling and acquiring possessions both necessary and frivolous.

Yes, there is craigslist for this, but in my experience the people there are fairly unreliable and sometimes scary. One thing that I fear (perhaps irrationally) is that a craigslist person is just going to steal my money or whatever I'm selling. I think the CS community is less scary than that, and also has enough people to support this kind of a group.

I would also like to suggest the weekly Thursday meetup as a place to meet and complete any deal you might make. It is a public place with a lot of people, which is how and where you should generally meet anyone for the first time.

Please do *not* advertise your business here. My idea for this group is stuff that you need or want to get rid of because it has been sitting in your place for too long and you could really use the space, or you're moving, or you really don't want it to go to a landfill. Or you have a ticket to the opera that would otherwise go unused. Something along these lines.

- If you are offering something for sale, please start the title of your thread with "FOR SALE:"
- If you are offering something for free, please start the title of your thread with "FOR FREE:"
- If you are looking for something, start the title of your thread with "WANTED:"

IF YOU RESPOND to a post, unless you are asking about details that would be of use to other readers, please respond with a private message. We don't all need to know the details of anybody's negotiations or transactions.

Once you have sold, given away, or found what you posted about, please make one last post to your thread saying that you have sold, given away, or found the item... a small courtesy so that people don't get their hopes up long after it's too late. :)

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the_juandererthe_juanderer moderator 01/08/2012
Davi Panzera Rodrigues Davi Panzera Rodrigues free! 02/06/2014
ATKA_4 ATKA_4 Interesting might have or need something 09/01/2012
Franz RotheFranz Rothe 03/12/2014
Dawn M Wayand Dawn M Wayand To buy and sell 01/25/2012
AL-NYC AL-NYC i buy and sell things 01/10/2013
EstherChin EstherChin I have a few household items for sale 03/22/2014
Michelle  SousaMichelle Sousa just wanna rent a place for fwe days 07/12/2013


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