Location: Places >> Europe >> Germany >> Berlin >> For more sustainability and alternatives... let's start in Berlin!

For more sustainability and alternatives... let's start in Berlin!


This group is here to experience, develope and discuss ways of sustainable and alternative living and travelling in Berlin - is there a difference between living and travelling anyway?

The main question is: What can we do to for the city that makes us feel so welcome?

There will be regular meetings and activities for which events will be created as well.

The Berlin-Sustainability-Group is part of SustainableCouch - for more information about sustainable hosting or regular information waves visit: http://www.sustainablecouch.org.

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Verena Deventer Verena Deventer moderator 01/22/2012
Joanna MitchellJoanna Mitchell 10/24/2012
Alexander KlemtAlexander Klemt our society is not sustainable :( 07/02/2013
Leonardo DaloisoLeonardo Daloiso 10/29/2012
Ethical HackerEthical Hacker 02/02/2014
TuuletallajaTuuletallaja A pivotal cause. 03/06/2014
Håkan LaneHåkan Lane 07/28/2012
SustainableMassi SustainableMassi I created the CS sustainability group in Vienna and excited to see what happens in Berlin! 02/02/2012


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