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Once upon a time in a land faraway .. whoops wrong story.
Well its been a while since I left Perth and we are still getting new members, though obviously not a lot happening.

If anyone would like to get the group back up and going and organise events, send me a message and will make you a moderator.

Till then, love life, love Perth and dont forget to drop into Roxby if you are coming past :)


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Created: Mar 20, 2007
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Sharon Leisk Sharon Leisk moderator I have absolutely no idea .. this poor lonely group just made me sad 08/21/2008
Colin Brown Colin Brown Looking to meet and learn from " older" travellers. 04/09/2013
Zoe VineZoe Vine same age group 02/14/2013
KCVENETIA KCVENETIA I am travelling on my own to Perth at the end of March and looking for CS Hosts. Anyone would like to host a Malaysian for a few nights? I would be in Perth from 27th March - 6th April. 2014 thanks. 02/28/2014
ANNETTE41 ANNETTE41 03/19/2014
JesterJess JesterJess I live here and I am 40 :) 08/13/2010


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