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Abubaker NasreldinAbubaker Nasreldin will be there soon !! 09/27/2013
LUCASVEGANLUCASVEGAN I want travel to Eritrea in 2010 around interesting places. if you want to meet up or can host me please write me :) 02/27/2010
Ahmed AswadAhmed Aswad 07/10/2013
H. Marina SaenzH. Marina Saenz Asmara! Sept 1-11th! 07/05/2012
Dessale AbrahamDessale Abraham Home of origin, 06/28/2013
THOMAS.BornTHOMAS.Born nice country 12/28/2013
Scotty MacScotty Mac I live here! 11/30/2013


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Would you please add Eritrea to my map?Kendrick Kaufman-  04/16/2014
A job opportunityAhmed Shami-  12/10/2013
Any members here in Eritrea?Scotty Mac-  11/30/2013
greetings eritrea! do you like reggae?mega.g1  09/16/2013
ALGERIAN CS INVASION : DZAIRUSH 2013safiaJee-  05/15/2013
Share Eritrea with the world, BE A PART OF THE "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT !!!Clément Elbaz-  04/29/2013
off the beaten trackJoe Scarangella2  03/14/2013
Visa for Ethiopian National,HighlanderD-  09/14/2012
Sudan-Eritrea borderMonika Koniuszek1  06/15/2012
Immigrated plantsAmanda Jonsson-  05/03/2012
Coming to Eritrea on sunday Apr 22ndHatim Mala-  04/20/2012
Go to Eritrea - wonderful placeEmmanuel Soquar6  01/06/2012
Listen and relax ;) What do you think??miguelxestrada-  11/08/2011
Anyone in Asmara?Anton Damianov-  11/03/2011
stop paying Ridiculous fees for doing volunteer workCatania-  09/21/2011
flag counterHeinric van Vlokhoven-  08/31/2011
how much is renting for a factory?Asper Lin-  07/03/2011
Postcards for my dear old aunt's birthday :)Adam Pervez-  01/12/2011
Coming to EritreaHatim Mala-  12/13/2010
Off the Path Travel Data Base in Eritrea!Augustin MARCK-  12/05/2010
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