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The idea of this group is simple - meeting new people and friends while having fun and practising any of languages you can imagine

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Created: Feb 5, 2012
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Milan BartosMilan Bartos moderator 02/05/2012
Lenka LelakovaLenka Lelakova 08/21/2013
Adriana HiznanovaAdriana Hiznanova wanna join the meetings... 08/24/2012
Diogo MirandaDiogo Miranda 01/22/2014
Michelle  Michelle am in Kosice right now...:) 06/19/2012
Katarina JanotkovaKatarina Janotkova just have started to learn Russian ;) 08/24/2013
Chiqui Ľudka AmorcitaChiqui Ľudka Amorcita I live in Kosice 04/06/2014
Dennis LadinDennis Ladin 09/01/2013


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Russian ;)Katarina Janotkova-  01/20/2014
Help!! :)Jessica Stroschein1  08/24/2013
Language Exchange Meeting LIPeter Rusko2  07/16/2013
Looking for English and Spanish speaking people in KosiceANTALYA-ATILLA-  07/10/2013
Looking for July 2013 volunteer work in KosiceLissie Dorrer-  05/09/2013
opening ceremonySarah Neumann3  01/20/2013
CS MeetingPatricia Pimenta1  01/15/2013
CS Meeting KosiceAdriana Hiznanova6  12/18/2012
CS Language Meeting no, XLIPeter Rusko-  11/05/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXXIXPeter Rusko-  10/22/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXXVIPeter Rusko-  10/01/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXXIVPeter Rusko-  09/17/2012
Next meeting?Eva Škanderová3  09/15/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXVIPeter Rusko2  07/24/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXVJurre De jong2  07/16/2012
Language Exchange Meeting XXIVJurre De jong2  07/10/2012
When is the next echange language meeting?Damien DESCHAMPS4  06/10/2012
Language exchange meeting XVIIIAgnese Bresin1  05/27/2012
passing it onAgnese Bresin-  05/25/2012
Language exchange meeting XVIMilan Bartos2  05/13/2012
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