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This group is for spiritual seekers in a denominational manner. Yoga practitioners, Buddhists of any school, Hindus, Taoists, Christian mystics, Sufis, alchemists, Advaita followers, etc., anybody looking for spiritual growth and realization in whatever traditional framework, please be Welcome!

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Created: Feb 13, 2012
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Nora BartaNora Barta moderator 02/13/2012
Payam GalPayam Gal moderator Favoured by fortune 02/14/2012
Gabor Gerofi Gabor Gerofi moderator 02/13/2012
Daniel PapDaniel Pap 09/23/2012
HungarianSzegedHungarianSzeged I'm interested in spiritual and esoteric things 05/19/2013
Darius D.TurowskiDarius D.Turowski I am interested in spirituality 03/11/2012
ANUPBANUPB spiritual all we are 12/18/2013
Melinda SchwarczMelinda Schwarcz 05/30/2013


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