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Marvellous adventoures, possible to everyone


Hello I am Mia,
22 years old, member of a wonderful team. I have been a member since ten moths and I had before a very sad life in Berlin. Since I joined this team I have been learning English. I started again to play music: flute and piano. I started Tai Chi and Agoge and I have been already travelling in Italy, a lot of places, in France as well a lot of places. Luxembourg only one place, but it was not very interesting. And a lot of places I didn't know in Germany. We learn a lot of languages, music and sport. We organize a lot of incredible adventures. When somebody new is coming to our place. He is a new student, but also a new teacher. Everyone can teach something and may propose some new adventures. If this new adventure is interesting. Every of our members will concentrate on that to make it possible. The team-work makes it possible. To give you an idea of our success. Here are some adventures, that were possible to people like me, having nothing at the beginning: horse-riding in the countryside in Italy, travelling in a sailing-boat from France to Malta, cycling from Berlin to Malta, visiting Teotiwakan in South-America, bungee-jumping from the highest point of Europe, visiting and analysing crop circles in England, Germany, Italy, visiting forbidden caves in Sicily, helping very ill children, protecting population of colour, swimming with the dolphins in Israel, in Dominique, in Agypt, in France and in Ireland.
Our future projects:
-different jurneys in Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil and so on
-rent a lost house in the countryside of Poland
Don't hesitate to join us, to help making our projects true and creating with your proposals new projects. Our leitmotiv: " Lets make our live exeptional! Money is never a problem, because good will is always a solution."

There are two things that I would like to add that I forgot before. The first one is, that of course all those jurneys didn't happen in ten months but in ten years. The team existed much more before my arrival.
And the second thing is a marvellous jurney that happened during this ten years in the Grenadines. One month of sailing boat living on the islands areal adventure. A new jurney like that is foreseen for this year in November.

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