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Hey finally a group for Bozeman!
There are tons of CSers here so lets party!
Bozeman rocks and so do we.

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Created: Mar 27, 2007
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SeanOConnellSeanOConnell 01/29/2014
Charlie StarkCharlie Stark I'm living in Bozeman. 01/01/2013
Tiffany SamsonTiffany Samson New to the Bozeman area, looking for new friends 04/15/2014
Rich T DavisRich T Davis I live near Bozeman. 10/16/2012
Gabriel Pantel-JouveGabriel Pantel-Jouve I'm going to Bozeman in May 04/05/2014
Allison Marie Segal Allison Marie Segal living in bozeman now 12/25/2013
James JongJames Jong 04/10/2014
Molly Wheeler Molly Wheeler My son lives in Bozeman and I am going to visit. 04/23/2014


FUN events & happenings - CS BZN103
Housemates, rooms, & places to rent in Bozeman95

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Need a place to stay 5/6-5/13Molly Wheeler-  04/23/2014
Arriving in Bozeman to go the YellowstoneGabriel Pantel-Jouve1  04/21/2014
Weekly Happy Hour / Let's liven this place up!Louis Kinley21  04/17/2014
New Outdoor FriendsTiffany Samson2  04/17/2014
Coming to a couch near you/New in townPreston Hovenkamp-  03/27/2014
Ride needed -Bozeman to Ohio or near by after April 20thColleenie Beenie-  03/24/2014
Driving to SeattleNat Latos-  03/05/2014
hang out &/or ski?Silvia De Toffoli5  01/08/2014
Need housing! 911 :(Stacey Giffin-  12/02/2013
Arriving in Bozeman early JanuaryShari_Hambleton2  11/24/2013
Needing a Place to stay on Oct. 24th.Adam Yust-  10/10/2013
Is there an emergency surfing board in Bozeman?AnaLuisaPedro4  08/28/2013
A NEW GROUP for HOUSING in BozemanJessica Cartwright-  07/08/2013
Share Bozeman and see the world, be a part of the "MEANWHILE" MOVIE MAKING PROJECT!!!Lucrèce Varelli-  06/16/2013
Couch RequestRich Tijerina1  06/12/2013
Fun things to do in BozemanJessica Cartwright-  05/15/2013
Housing in the BozoneJessica Cartwright-  05/15/2013
Moving to bozeman end of may, looking for a roommateBen Denio-  05/02/2013
Apartment shopping in BozemanNat Latos-  04/21/2013
Civil engineers in BozemanTim Staub-  04/18/2013
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