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« I remember my mother, when I came to inform her about my first university success. She didn’t talk, she didn’t shout,
she didn’t sing. She slowly began dancing gracefully, her face shining with joy» (Léopord Sedar Senghor)

Like words, writing or music, dance is an another way to express yourself naturally in African traditional cultures.

African Dance Expression allows you to :

• Stimulate muscles not used in everyday life
• Remove stress and tiredness
• Develops respiratory strength and flexibility
• Dance your body and your feelings
• Release your creative energies
• Remind young physically and spiritually

through harmony, pleasure of moving your body in the rhythm
of drums (which is not without reminding the heart beat ).

Come and live African Dance Expression,
an unexpected well-being !

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bamba Bandjibamba Bandji moderator 02/28/2012
Megan Iacobini de FazioMegan Iacobini de Fazio 10/25/2013
Viviana CoppolaViviana Coppola I love those classes 03/21/2013
Milena EichinMilena Eichin love to dance, love to learn new styles 11/04/2013
Regina OgechiRegina Ogechi Dancing is one of my hobbies. 03/01/2013
Giulianna GiraldoGiulianna Giraldo I`d love to learn African dance 02/08/2014
Moses WalterMoses Walter To have some fun 10/24/2013


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