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Mountainbiking in-and-around Vienna


To all sportive CouchSurfers,

this is the group for people who have a mountainbike and want to do some rides together. Let's unite, strenghten our calves and set up plans for some nice tours in and around Vienna.

You don't have to be professionalist or extremebiker, fun but some challenging tours are on the list!

Sportive moves,

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Created: Mar 9, 2012
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Felix Felice Felix Felice moderator 03/09/2012
Doris ElgertDoris Elgert Mountainbikiiiiinnng yeeej ! 03/08/2013
Karina SteffnerKarina Steffner love biking :) 03/14/2013
BEB0BEB0 let's move! 03/22/2012
Juraj PetkoJuraj Petko cos mountainbiking is one of the best feeling ever 03/20/2012
Sigi SteinerSigi Steiner 03/21/2012
Kommune SommerrockKommune Sommerrock 08/16/2013


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