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This group is for travelers to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian community at large. You may post and share your Ethiopian travel experience, travel plans to Ethiopia or to other countries out of Ethiopia and events/festivities.

Guidelines to engage in discussions and debates

This group should not promote any specific group of people, place of business or item. It should be inclusive and be able to entertain any thought, guide ideas or place to visit without reservation of cultural bias/ fear of judgmental thought from others.

Although lively debates and discussions are encouraged, using offensive words to any member or group of people and using mean spirited ideas to make a point are not allowed. Offenders, who are not apologetic, are eliminated from the group.

Travel / Tour Guide businesses and offers

It is understandable that some part of Ethiopia cannot be visited without a travel guide or four wheel drives. This group not does promote specific travel guide business. However, a member can offer/suggest theirs or a specific service only when a traveler asks for such specific service information.


Must see places and things in Ethiopia

1. Axum
2. Lalibela
3. Baher Dar
4. Gonder
5. Harar
6. Addis Ababa
7. Afar region
8. Arba Minch
9. The Cultural festivities
10. National Parks and Mountain ranges

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Michael ArayaMichael Araya moderator Because I am Ethiopian 04/14/2008
Kume HaileyesusKume Haileyesus moderator I want to know new people so that to share experience and help visitors with their visit to Ethiopia. I will show them around and have cofee.. 03/05/2010
JOE77 JOE77 moderator going there soon 08/31/2008
Michael MamoMichael Mamo I am a local :) 02/14/2013
Jonas TeweluJonas Tewelu I love my country 10/29/2013
Pieter De VisPieter De Vis travelling here 04/09/2014
Frauke FrahmFrauke Frahm 10/03/2013
NurelgnNurelgn Ethiopian 06/27/2012


Addis, last minute couchrequest127
Art, Language, Culture and Recipies158
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa116103
Ethiopia, cooksurfing52
Ethiopia, film club22
Ethiopia, trekking group7949
Is there work for a qualified TEFL and humanities teacher now in Addis?23


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HararBAHAR Ali1  01/12/2014
cultural dance/music addis tonightTrina Rowell-  01/12/2014
ethiopia adoption childrenJinpeng Lu3  01/12/2014
hanging out in Addis, lalibela, Gondar!elahe Neshat2  01/10/2014
African Union contacts?Clément Minette1  01/10/2014
Looking for topics for independent photography project about the people's storiesDavid Tesinsky4  01/06/2014
Do you KNOW HARARBAHAR Ali3  01/05/2014
Dire Dawa Now, Addis laterTrina Rowell1  01/05/2014
Omo Valley Travel mates?DMARINA3  01/05/2014
am in mekele now and will go to axum on january7 and on january 9 will be in debark and then trekking at semen mountainjahlud Haile-  01/05/2014
travel buddy 1-16 january or just company for chatViacheslav Pustovoyt1  01/05/2014
Looking for hosts or someone who wants to meet 2014 January in Ethiopia!Dalia Linartaite1  12/31/2013
Hello every bodyBAHAR Ali3  12/29/2013
hawassa tomorrow or later?Trina Rowell-  12/27/2013
Harar and Dire Dawe accomodationNihad Muffmuff3  12/27/2013
Trip to Addis!Siedra Abdalla-  12/27/2013
A job opportunityAhmed Shami1  12/27/2013
looking for partners to the semien mountainsYael Gozez1  12/26/2013
Sharing minibus from Lalibela to Bahir Dar on 07/01/2014Vanessa Picena-  12/23/2013
Anyone who wanna share minivan with guide to Bahirdar and Gondar from December 29 till January 1stYonas Tiku Legese2  12/23/2013
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