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Welcome to the Iceland group, a place for Icelanders, people that live in Iceland, people who will be travelling to Iceland or just icelandophiles to get together and exchange information, plans and ideas.

Please be considerate when posting couchsurfing requests and follow the guidelines on how to write a Couch Request

Before posting a question to the group please take some time to check if it has already been answered in previous posts or check the CS Iceland wiki page. New members are constantly asking the same general questions and most of the time you can find really good answers in previous posts on general topics like where to find cheap flights or accommodation etc.

If you are looking for a place to rent or have space available for renting there is a housing in Iceland group and for those looking for a travel partner or someone to share the cost of a rental and so on, there is thetravel partner and car pooling group where all your travel partner needs can be taken care of.

Also worth checking out is the events calendar for CS in Iceland or you can find upcoming meetings through the
meetings quick link.

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Keyjolfsson Keyjolfsson moderator I am Icelandic and love my country 09/27/2007
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THUANTHUAN 03/24/2014
Nadine SchweigerNadine Schweiger Travelling to Iceland this April 03/15/2014
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