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Minneapolis Cooksurfing and Sustainable Food


This group is for individuals involved in the couchsurfing community or visiting the couchsurfing community in Minneapolis, that enjoy sharing cooking experiences with each other. Also for people interested in learning more about sustainable, organic, local food production/consumption.

This is a forum for exploring ideas for upcoming cooking events, sharing recipes, etc.

Also for events/ideas related to any/all of the following:
*growing and consuming real food that grows or grazes on real soil and is filled with real vitamins and minerals.
*learning about and connecting with local farmers and distributors who grow food for the benefit of human nutrition while mitigating their impact on the earth, air, and water.
*learning about and connecting with restaurants that source their food from local/sustainable/organic sources.
*bacteria in food and bacteria in your gut, yummy! i'm currently getting into fermenting veggies; recipe/idea sharing. probiotics and prebiotics, we're talkin jerusalem artichokes people (available at whole foods)! has nothing to do with the city of jerusalem.
*growing food and animals in your residential backyard/balcony. making your own or rehabbing soil using coffee grounds and worms and other similarly crazy cool ideas. organizing seed/crop/soil trades give-aways!
*seed storage/trading.
*discussion about the control of populations of people through 'food scarcity' and 'dietary guidelines'. logical discussion about who has a say in what we 'should' eat and how much of it we should be eating. are those guidelines controlled by people making bank growing and distributing the food being 'recommended'? see what i'm sayin?
*learning about big ag vs. local/small time ag and the reasoning behind each model.
*fasting (intermittent and long term)
*different types of nutrition (vegan, veggie, meat only eaters/etc.) as it relates to fitness (vegan body builders and the like...)
*the population of the human species on this planet and how that relates to food creation/distribution.
*nutrition for travel (i once heard of a guy traveling around consuming nothing but water, rice, kombucha)
*food allergies and sensitivities, a real problem or yet another health food ponzi scheme?
*the consumption of grains? are grains a 2nd tier food source that we've utilized due to the reduced availability of fresh fruits, vegetables, grasses, grazing herds of animals that would be the normal go to food source for our species?
*vitamin, mineral, probiotic supplements. ponzi scheme or necessity?

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