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This group is for family friendly people.
Single with children, couples with or almost with children, people living with brothers, sisters or parents together, married couples, divorced fathers and mothers, people alone,... but willing to invite families at their place.

This group is no longer moderated.

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Created: Nov 12, 2004
Type: Public

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Rossana y Nacho CabreraRossana y Nacho Cabrera moderator because we are a family, with 2 small kids and a teenager in the weekend. and familys are welcome in our home 03/22/2009
Carl Miller Carl Miller moderator Our Family will welcome your Family! 04/29/2009
Czeslaw Jamer Czeslaw Jamer moderator 11/12/2004
Sarah RichsonSarah Richson moderator We are a Lone Parent family with a 14 yr 2 daughters aged 8 and 4 years. We live in a nice quiet part of London and welcome families who are happy to sleep in a small room or living room on a sofa bed. we are very loving and love to travel so invite us! 10/16/2007
Gina Hunter Gina Hunter moderator We are Family! So we host Familes! 11/06/2008
Winfried Deijmann Winfried Deijmann moderator 07/15/2008
Mark Andrews Mark Andrews I have surfed with families before, it's a wonderful experience! 07/18/2010
Erik Smit Erik Smit We'd like to meet other families with small children. 12/09/2007


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