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Hamburg- hiking and walking


It is for people who like to explore the city by hiking oder walking. We can meet for hiking or i can help you to find nice ways in Hamburg to walk or hike.

Also check: www.afterworkwalk.de (organised by my friend Jürgen) and www.strongwalker.blogspot.com (my walkingblog)

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Martin SchmitzMartin Schmitz moderator 03/29/2012
intospaceintospace 04/02/2014
Izaro UrienIzaro Urien I like hiking a lot! 06/09/2012
Sissy BergSissy Berg Will Move to hh 11/10/2013
Tomas StaševskijTomas Staševskij I like this 04/15/2014
Zsofia NyolcasZsofia Nyolcas to see the city 03/28/2014
Morteza AlamgirMorteza Alamgir I love walking! 03/04/2013
Lars W.Lars W. 04/03/2013


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