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The Euroadtrip2012 Project


This is the official group for the Euroadtrip2012 Project!
Just joining this CS group here doesn't automatically mean that you participate. Please apply at

========== www.euroadtrip2012.org ==========

Welcome altogether!!

This is going to be the biggest hitchhiking trip in Europe in 2012 -we think- with the goal to raise funds for two different social projects in Europe and to show that hitchhiking is a good alternative way to travel.

At the beginning it was a somewhat crazy idea which has now turned out to become real. We want to create a group of hitchhiking loving people and go together from ISTANBUL to BERLIN in August&September 2012.
On the way we want to stop at various destinations and create some exciting events!
It is up to the participants and their creativity how the trip will be.

14 countries, 17 destinations, 60 days, ca.5000km, endless adventures and intercultural experiences....
And all this is not just for ourselves but for a good purpose!

The trip will be basically organized through and with CouchSurfing. Yet, having joined this group doesn't automatically mean that you're on board.

For participating and for all the details please check out the website of the project, LQQK www.euroadtrip2012.org
If you already applied and got an answer we will add you to the subgroup "Euroadtrip2012 - All Participants"

Euroadtrip2012 - It's your trip! - Thumbs up for a better world

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Jorin EichhornJorin Eichhorn moderator Creator 03/29/2012
Alex von PentzAlex von Pentz moderator Creator expecting potential applicants 06/11/2012
Divya KDivya K Thinking of going on this trip but I wish I heard about this sooner, so I could have figured things out with work. But I want to see if it can work out somehow. 07/20/2012
Abhu Petualang PrabowoAbhu Petualang Prabowo 06/22/2012
Paweł AmbroziakPaweł Ambroziak I'm thinking of joining 08/21/2012
Peter Ponet Peter Ponet 01/07/2014
Sneha SnehaSneha Sneha amazing idea! would love to join and try 03/13/2014
niraj Pandeyniraj Pandey be part of group nd serve nd enjoy 07/12/2012


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