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Mexico City Daytime


For people new to Mexico City or who just have spare time in the day. This group can help people find their way around Mexico City and find daytime activities to share with others.

Para ellos que son nuevos en DF o que tienen tiempo libre en el dia. Puede ayudar a ubicarse en DF y buscar actividades para compartir con otros en el dia.

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Created: Apr 2, 2012
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Mag HozMag Hoz Im from México City, but i like yo meet new people and sometimes be a tourist guide :) 01/27/2014
Rashad HagenRashad Hagen I am coming to Mexico City in October 07/22/2013
Etna Haydee MoraEtna Haydee Mora 02/26/2013
Ángel HamiltonÁngel Hamilton i have some free time during the day 01/14/2014
Marie SilvaMarie Silva I would like to meet new people and visit new places! :) 02/07/2014
MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ me gusta el mundo cs 03/06/2014
Ly LópezLy López 11/16/2013
David Barojas David Barojas i love my country with pleasure in my free time i can help by showing Mexico City 04/05/2014


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