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To help fellow veggies hook up with sympathetic friends while travelling.

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Ram Niwas KhatiRam Niwas Khati moderator I am vegetarian since birth and I love animals. 01/26/2008
Tony EppTony Epp moderator 11/16/2004
Karin  BouchainKarin Bouchain vegane lebende Hamburgerin 01/23/2014
Sven SeiffertSven Seiffert Simply 'cause I'm vegetarian since 9 years, one year vegan in the past 07/13/2009
Jakub ZwiazekJakub Zwiazek v! 04/09/2014
Sabrina KatainenSabrina Katainen I'm a happy vegan, that's why! 04/21/2014
Dominika + Kamil RadziszewskiDominika + Kamil Radziszewski Because I think it’s the right thing to do. 04/13/2014
ShalyaesishuaShalyaesishua Because i'm vegan ! 04/22/2014


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