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Tuareg ☼ Azawad (Tombouctou, Gao, Kidal...)


Azawad, the Tuareg country
News on Azawad (in French)

Azawad at Africa's Map

=>Leading Towns:
* Timbuktu / Tombouctou, 54 453 habitants
* Gao, 52 201 habitants
* Kidal / :·Vll , 25 617 habitants

Tuareg People

According to Robert Brown, Azawad is an Arabic corruption of the Berber word "Azawagh", a dry river basin that covers western Niger, northeastern Mali, and southern Algeria. The name translates to "land of transhumance".
Azawad is the first Independent Berber State in Modern Times.

Tuareg Areas

☼ Languages:
Tamashek, Arabic, Fulfulde and Songhay are the most important languages in Azawad. Bambara is spoken by the people of southern Malian descent living in the cities.

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