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Montreal Food Discovery


This group is dedicated to all people who love to eat! An official gathering between CSers & others in a new restaurant every 3 weeks! A good way to discover culture, good food in Montreal and to know each other more!

In order to join the events, you MUST sign up on http://mfd.naturalborncamper.com That way you will be able to make reservations, make suggestions, see all the restaurants, etc.
Discovered Restaurants list :

O.Noir (Francais)
La Couscoussiere d'Ali Baba (Marocain - Algérien)
Le Piton de la Fournaise (Île de la Réunion)
Le Petit Alep (Syrien)
La Caverne (Russe)
Le Milsa (Brézilien)
L'Aromate d'Asie (Vietnamien)
Restaurant Shambala (Thibétain)
Club Espagnol de Québec (Espagnol)
Le Nil Bleu (Éthiopien)
Yuki Suhi Bar (Japonais)
La Taqueria Mex (Tex-Mex)
Clubsandwich (errr.. Canadian food?)
Restaurant Kashmir (Indien)
Mazurka (Polonais)
La Khaima (Africain)

Food Discovery Tour sur Google Maps!

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Bobby JeffreyBobby Jeffrey we all love food... :) 09/17/2013
Chana NotikChana Notik cuz I'm a glutton 03/24/2014



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