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its summertime!

hey ppl! Who likes to play soccer?
lets gather and kick the ball!

what about some meeting on a soccerfield and have some international games.
i would say who ever is interested in meeting for some sports should post it here. everything is welcome like places where to go and dates and what we could do afterwards (in what water we should jump:) )
today, saturday 11th of april is already too late, but what about sunday afternoon? are you fast enough to collect some ppl for a funny game? post it and i`m in!
cu emanuel

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Thomas HertkornThomas Hertkorn 05/03/2008
Ingulf KohlweissIngulf Kohlweiss I am the man to kick the ball 04/28/2007
Florian HelmerichsFlorian Helmerichs I also like playing soccer 12/03/2010
Christine HinterlangChristine Hinterlang I can play badly for 5 mins then fall over from tiredness but I'm in if you are :) 04/16/2007
Thomas Shower-PowerThomas Shower-Power 03/28/2008
Fidelius KrammelFidelius Krammel likes kicking balls 04/27/2011


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