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Exploring Maid cafes at Akihabara


Thank you for your interest in this sub group!

This sub group is organized for visiting Maid cafe.
I organized guided tour for CS friends. Maid cafes are very interesting places if you are interested in Japanese sub cultures. Every attendee satisfied. But they said "It's difficult for tourists to come Maid cafe by themselves". So, if you want to go to Maid cafe, please post or mail me your request. I'll arrange a tour or give you some informations.

Also if you know Maid cafe well, I'm happy to invite you to this sub group. I don't know well Maid cafe. I usually go this Maid cafe, because they have English site.
If you know wonderful Maid cafe, please take our members to there.

Maid cafe is wonderful sightseeing spot likes shrines, temples, castles and Mt Fuji. Click this link as what is Maid cafe.
Because Maid cafe born in Japan. There are many Maid cafes in Japan and Asia, But the original is in Akihabara.

Maids wear a french maid outfits(standard) or cosplay in anime-inspired. Maid cafe is a cafe, usually maids serves you a coffee or foods. Minimum cost is about 1000yen (500y for entrance fee/hour, 500y for drink).

However you can have a chat, gaming and taking a photo with them. Chatting short time is free. But you must pay for gaming and taking a photo about each 500yen.

Going to Maid cafe with groups is fun. You observe decorated room and Otaku boys there. I have enjoyed talking with CSers about this intriguing place and Japanese sub culture in every time. Everybody (old, young, men, women) can enjoy there!!

I strongly recommend to go a Maid-cafe on your birthday. The cafe have special present for a birthday person. They might present for you a photo like a following link.

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Yu Koyanagi Yu Koyanagi moderator 04/23/2012
Franciszek RFranciszek R Will be visiting Akiba during my stay in Tokyo soon! 04/19/2013
Corinna SawetzkiCorinna Sawetzki Because I love Japan and Maid-cafés of course !! 01/23/2013
Gil CerpaGil Cerpa For future references. 06/30/2013
Chris GrayChris Gray I like maid cafes. 08/04/2013
Ondrej Dobias Ondrej Dobias 09/22/2013
Damonii AyrebornDamonii Ayreborn Holidaying in Japan 15th March - 15th April 02/14/2013
Anne LauenrothAnne Lauenroth Visiting Tokyo this August and definitely planning on exploring Akihabara, maid cafes included. 05/29/2013


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