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This is the group for the state of Thüringen (Thuringia), right in the middle of Germany. There are is betautiful scenerey to be seen here. Gorgeous mountains, small villages, lots of castles and interesting museum. The famous Bauhaus orginally is from Weimar, the European Capital of Culture in 1999. If you like the medieval times you are right in Thüringen, as we have some of the best preserved medieval old towns here, like Erfurt with one of the oldest synagogues in Germany.
And of course you can find nice treats for your taste senses such as Bratwurst, good beers and a diversity of meats, as well as Thüringer Klöße, made of potatoes and different lemonades that the Thuringian established in the times of the GDR to copy products from the West.
You can also find out about the dark sides of German history here on a visit to Buchenwald camp or to the memorial site for the crematory production facility Topf und Söhne in Erfurt or about the battles of the Napoleonic wars, or the pogroms in the middle ages that happened in Erfurt.

If you have specific questions about Erfurt, Weimar or Jena, please visit the following group: http://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=4951

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KOOLKARMA KOOLKARMA moderator to build up Thürigen as a CS embassy;-) 02/12/2009
CAROLAACAROLAA My dad is Thüringer 02/13/2013
Marlies SwinkelsMarlies Swinkels organizing the project (k)eine Wahl in Thüringen 03/15/2014
Mieke FehlingerMieke Fehlinger 08/29/2012
Vivi GlueerVivi Glueer I live in Thüringen 10/08/2012
Sisi XuSisi Xu Moved to Thuringia one year ago, would like to meet some people here and do some activities. 02/21/2013
John Ford John Ford I sometimes visit this state. 08/04/2009
Marta KazimierskaMarta Kazimierska Going to Jena for two months :) 03/29/2014


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