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Friends of Morocco GROUP.

Friends of Morocco group goals are;
1) uniting people from all over the world with a connection to Morocco.
2) informing the world about the culture, needs and achievements of Morocco, Moroccans, Islam and the Arab and Berber worlds,
3) keeping members and others current on events in Morocco

Friends of Morocco is, in essence, electronic information sharing between all the members, meetings locals.There is everytime a home hospitality for for all in morocco. responses to queries, and coordination with other groups of cs sharing F.O.M objectives.
The best way to experience a foreign country, culture and language is to live in the country, not to visit it. The next best thing is to live as the population does during your visit.
This is why we creat this group « friends of Morocco ». You live with a moroccan family in the city or in the village and you are welcome to participate in all the meals and in the daily life of the family host you . Of course you are welcome to discover Morocco by your own and make all the daily trips and excursions you want as well.
The family will treat you as one of them and maybe you make a friend for life. The Moroccans are well known by their hospitality and will do all they can to make you feel as home. If you are planning a trip to Morocco and are looking for somewhere to stay you'll really need to take this opportunity to discover Morocco and the Moroccan culture more closely.
Your Moroccan host family
Living with a Moroccan host family is probably the best and
most effective way to become fully immersed into the language and culture of Morocco. However, you should also have realistic expectations and be flexible in adjusting to the local customs, standard of accommodation and Moroccan daily life.
All bed linens and pillows will be provided, however your family does not provide a laundry service, they may allow you to use the laundry facilities.
The families you will be living with are originally Moroccan there ancestors has been living in the country many centuries so you will be discovering the real Moroccans. You will be amazed
about the way of life here, usually the day begins with a trip
to the local market to shop for fresh produce and meat to use for one of the great meals.
Delicious Moroccan meals
You will be experiencing all kinds of delicious Moroccan food and you will be amazed about all the different tastes and scents.The Moroccans are very modest and are great hosts trying to make the person living with them comfortable, so you feel like you are one of the family.Your hosts will make sure that you will have great fun, and the area you will be living in.
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Created: May 15, 2012
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MO ARNOLD GANOUTERMO ARNOLD GANOUTER moderator i like it 05/15/2012
Yassine BarnaouiYassine Barnaoui i'm Morrocan 05/28/2013
Mohamed AgadirMohamed Agadir 06/27/2012
Yumi Masuoka Yumi Masuoka 12/28/2013
Marina Karlovic Sabolic Marina Karlovic Sabolic would like to visit 05/21/2012
Hommer AbdelhadiHommer Abdelhadi a pleasure. 06/25/2012
Kevin w BellaKevin w Bella i'm a moroccan 06/14/2012
goonatripgoonatrip I want to make new friends 01/26/2014


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