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Liptovský Mikuláš


For anyone who lives or is visiting Liptovsky Mikulas and surroundings.

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Created: May 16, 2012
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Michal KukučkaMichal Kukučka moderator 05/16/2012
ADVENTUROUS7 ADVENTUROUS7 moderator because I am Surfing with its Moderator 05/16/2012
Alenka PodhorovaAlenka Podhorova my hometown <3 06/04/2012
Léo ViriotLéo Viriot I just arrived in Liptovsky mikulas and I am to stay here for 5 months, I want to meet locals ! 03/04/2014
Filip PovolnyFilip Povolny Want to know what's up (or down) in my town :) 06/19/2012
Wendy BoezerWendy Boezer Moved here in september 2013 04/22/2013
Matus PiatkaMatus Piatka becose I am from LM 08/28/2012
Maria VladykaMaria Vladyka I live in LM 09/09/2013



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Poll: kofolaMATUS.PIATKA1  08/25/2012

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7 April: Language Cafe: Liptovský MikulášWendy Boezer-  03/27/2014
Spontaneous winter trip, need a host!Krzysztof Story-  02/19/2014
The new year party!Natie Vladimirova5  12/28/2013
9-11 November Ukrainian girl and Polish guy are looking for friendly hostTetiana Grytsaieva1  11/09/2013
Spontaneous trip to Liptovský Mikuláš 11th July, (today) please help!Jennie Ly-  07/11/2013
Anyone willing to host?Hillary Lyons-  06/02/2013
Týden v LPStanda and Verca1  09/27/2012
drinkMatus Piatka-  08/25/2012
ahojMatus Piatka2  08/24/2012