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Istanbul - Swimming around


It has been created for tips, sharing ideas, discovering nice beaches, bans, organising meetings & gatherings for swimming around Istanbul.

So who got tips, cool ideas, questions etc. dont hesitate to share in to this group.

Peace & Love

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Created: Jun 1, 2012
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Ugur CinarUgur Cinar moderator 06/01/2012
Ufuk Caliskan Ufuk Caliskan moderator Sanane yaa, sanane a.q. 06/01/2012
Ergün AğtaşErgün Ağtaş 07/26/2013
Anıl KuşAnıl Kuş 07/27/2013
jet.planes.and.fast.trains jet.planes.and.fast.trains to go swimming! 06/06/2012
Murat CubukMurat Cubuk 04/09/2014
Remzi HakanRemzi Hakan I like swim 06/27/2013
blnt Kblnt K 03/28/2014



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Poll: Departure Time for the next eventsAQUATIC12  08/30/2012

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Karaburun - ideas, offeringsUgur Cinar3  06/15/2012
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Saros Chill-Out Beach CampingUgur Cinar2  06/05/2012
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