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Yosemite Gear: Borrow/Donate


This is a new subgroup of the Yosemite National Park Community group designed to help CSers borrow and donate/drop off camping gear for their visit to Yosemite National Park.

We will set up a network of CSers who live outside the three entrances to the park (Highways 41, 140 and 120) as well as those who live in the park who can provide CSers free camping gear to borrow and who can take in gear no longer needed by CSers after their stay.

I will be contacting CSers in the area to see if we can find some willing to help store gear and make it available for traveling CSers.

This subgroup was started because of the needs of many travelers who arrive in California interested in camping in the park but do not have basic camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, etc.

It should be emphasized that the gear is aimed at casual camping during late spring, summer and early fall, and for those planning to stay in the established campgrounds. That is, don't expect lightweight backpacking tents capable of standing up to strong winds and rain. For any serious backcountry trek, you should have your own gear and be comfortable with it.

I am hoping to get donations of gear and volunteers who live around the park who can store gear. If anyone has extra gear available, or suggestions for organizations or stores willing to donate gear to help get this started, please post a message.

Thanks, and I hope this will help some of you visiting here.


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