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Vegan Hosts @ Prague


Hello everyone. I have started this sub-group with the idea to create a list of vegan hosts in Prague so any couch surfer on a plant based diet would have it easier to find a like-minded host. Would be great if we vegan hosts living in Prague could all join this group as well as to post a link to it on our profiles to make it more visible to all CS users. Thank you.

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Created: Jun 15, 2012
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Sváťa Schubert Sváťa Schubert moderator Lets make it easier for every vegan traveller coming to Prague! 06/15/2012
Żaneta  GórskaŻaneta Górska I'm planning visit Prague 01/28/2014
Felix Pučík Felix Pučík Vegan living in Prague 01/21/2014
Pavel Holčík Pavel Holčík veggies 07/18/2012
Martin RobbieMartin Robbie I am a vegan straight edge guy looking to stay 4 nights in Prague :) 01/31/2014
Tereza  Vandrovcova + Silvestr V. S.Tereza Vandrovcova + Silvestr V. S. 06/16/2012
Madeleine LevacMadeleine Levac I'll be visiting Prague in April and will probably be looking for a host :) 03/10/2014


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