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Japan general couchsurf requests


This group was made as a general area to post couch requests or host request..

For example lets say

you live in a foreign country and want to invite Japanese couchsurfers .
you live in a foreign country and want to couchsurf in Japan.

please dont post in the Japan group but here for your surfing/hosting needs, although hosts and surfing should be considered a well-thought and meditated choice rather than just a simple cry for accomodations.

nevertheless , good luck and welcome :D

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Created: Jun 21, 2012
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YUTaKaTron ! mighty :DYUTaKaTron ! mighty :D moderator 06/21/2012
EGUIEGUI I live in Hiroshima, host actively and hope to surf a bit more in the future 06/24/2012
AMARILLEE AMARILLEE traveling all over Japan soon 07/10/2012
Tara ChanTara Chan I live in a rural area and it would be nice to have surfers come out this way is anyone is interested in exploring Japan's "inaka". 07/04/2012
Nakata KazuNakata Kazu 04/13/2013
Michael GyapongMichael Gyapong Because I am Coming to Japan and want to meet new people. 03/16/2014
Sarah HannesSarah Hannes 07/25/2013
Kieran MaynardKieran Maynard Coming to Japan July-Aug 2012 06/24/2012


Group Posts

  Title By Replies Date
Family of four living in Hiroshima and wanting to see a bit of Japan during the first two weeks of AugustEGUI4  08/13/2012
italian hhiker across Japan wants YOU ;)Nunzio Annunziata1  07/09/2012
Welcome to Inaka (the country side)Tara Chan-  07/09/2012
welcome to my middle-mie area of japan .YUTaKaTron ! mighty :D2  07/09/2012