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I LOVE NEW YORK is a group which i created for people who love this beautiful city...for who live there, who has visited it, who would like to go and need suggestion or just to share feelings and sensations...i have been several times there and it is one of the cities where i would like to live

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Created: May 6, 2007
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Pasquale GuarinoPasquale Guarino moderator 05/06/2007
igor_the_tigerigor_the_tiger love NY 08/22/2013
Natália BernardesNatália Bernardes 04/04/2014
sara Regissara Regis I love NY and I want to keep in touch with people who love it also!! 04/08/2014
GRAPEFRUITGIRLGRAPEFRUITGIRL because i m planning to visit NYC and wanna find friends there 12/02/2013
xinyue.wangxinyue.wang 02/15/2014
Erdogan SezerErdogan Sezer planing to visit NC 04/14/2014
Shawn Guffey Shawn Guffey I'm a New Yorker 01/13/2012



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Poll: ITARGUSAITARGUSA1  05/12/2007

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CHRISTMAS TIME!!!ncoltra73-  12/10/2009
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