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For Istanbul - Ankara or neighbourhood driving or hitchiking, tips..etc

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YESIMKYESIMK moderator 07/06/2012
Valerie SchmidtValerie Schmidt just arrived in Istanbul 02/17/2014
ibrahim Yeteribrahim Yeter it may be necessary 10/18/2013
Anıl KuşAnıl Kuş 07/27/2013
Mehmet KontMehmet Kont 08/03/2013
Volkan CelebiVolkan Celebi like it 12/29/2012
Josefine GrögerJosefine Gröger Interested in Hitchhiking, but not alone 09/29/2013
2roadsdiverged2roadsdiverged 04/03/2013


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Flagged postsModerator 1  08/08/2012
Istanbul to Thessaloniki/Salonika (Greece) April 242roadsdiverged-  04/14/2014
From Istanbul to Germany!!!Elif Manaz1  04/03/2014
Newroz: İstanbul-Amed/Amed-İstanbulBegüm B1  03/16/2014
Istanbul to izmir on 18 march.AHMET TOKER-  03/12/2014
Ankara on 2nd of MarchHasip Atıcı-  02/27/2014
anybody going to Izmit tomorrowValerie Schmidt-  02/17/2014
Istambul to Greece?!Charles Lock-  02/03/2014
02.02.2014 istanbul to ankaraSamet H-  02/02/2014
31 ocak ankaradan istanbula..,cihan Bilecek-  01/30/2014
Istanbul --> Greece on Sunday 12/10Konstantinos Pavlopoulos-  01/10/2014
Bulgaria anyone?Ryan Gillespie-  01/08/2014
To AnkaraH Lc-  01/03/2014
from sabiha gokchen to edirneErmelinda Fⓤcking Diva -  12/05/2013
Help organising shipping/airport transport?Corah and Daniel Chiu-Sheridan-  11/23/2013
anybody goıng west to Bıga on 17th?jaani Reismann-  11/12/2013
Tabur İmamı Sokak, Istanbul, Istanbul 34200ANTONIO FIORILLO-  11/06/2013
From Istanbul to İzmir On 30th OctoberAHMET TOKER-  10/25/2013
hitchhike wanted: istanbul-greece (thessaloniki or near) 26-27.10.2013Aliaksei Veka-  10/23/2013
19.10.2013 from istanbul to ankaracihan Bilecek-  10/18/2013
Car Share from İstanbul to AnkaraKursat Senocak-  10/15/2013
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