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Europe Kitchen surfing Summer 2012


This group is only dedicated for summer 2012 events.

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Created: Jul 7, 2012
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AliChef AliChef moderator 07/07/2012
Milesh Gordhandas Milesh Gordhandas Attending some of these events 07/09/2012
Michael RitterMichael Ritter curiuous to meet new people and food 07/12/2012
Charlotte GuidiCharlotte Guidi attending the Lausanne event 07/24/2012
Mark van EgdomMark van Egdom 07/16/2012
Maria SukharevaMaria Sukhareva 07/18/2012
Pia KrapfPia Krapf joining Europe Kitchen Surfing in Frankfurt! 07/07/2012
ImpressionisteImpressioniste 07/30/2012



  Title By Replies Date
Poll: Oporto 25th of AugustAliChef2  08/18/2012
Poll: Lisbon 23rd of AugustAliChef4  08/17/2012
Poll: Cadiz 20th of AugustAliChef2  08/13/2012
Poll: Granada 19th of AugustAliChef1  08/12/2012
Poll: Barcelona 16 of AugustAliChef1  08/09/2012
Poll: Marseilles 14th of AugustAliChef8  08/08/2012
Poll: Milan 12th of AugustAliChef4  08/05/2012
Poll: Lausanne 11th of August AliChef9  08/04/2012
Poll: Basel 10th of AugustAliChef7  08/03/2012
Poll: Frankfurt 9th of AugustAliChef22  08/02/2012
Poll: Cologne 7th of AugustAliChef19  07/31/2012
Poll: Brussels 3rd of AugustAliChef17  07/28/2012
Poll: Kitchen surfing Amsterdam 4th of August ConfirmationAliChef17  07/28/2012

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  Title By Replies Date
I have to cancelKatja Röhrig-  08/06/2012
Please chose the right poll for the event you are joining. ThanksAliChef-  07/10/2012