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10- PARIS Boardgame


A nice group to share a good moment playing a boardgames while eating some chips, pizzas or anything else and drinking cocktails

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Created: Jul 7, 2012
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Manu Duchamp Manu Duchamp I like boardgames. Good way to share with people. 12/18/2012
Frédéric MesguichFrédéric Mesguich 03/20/2013
David-Paul David-Paul 12/26/2012
Julia GandourJulia Gandour 01/12/2013
SAMI.BOUHRAMSAMI.BOUHRAM Boardgames are cool 11/02/2013
Alice PouetAlice Pouet I like to play games 12/04/2013
MahMonir ParvanehMahMonir Parvaneh 04/29/2013


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Boardgame evening?STOLI083  02/08/2013
who want to play Citadelle at Paris ?Makhno Sabet-Azad1  02/01/2013
Boardgame stores in Paris?Lucignolo Pacco6  01/23/2013
State of PlayDavid Mapletoft1  01/22/2013
Where I post board game meetups for the general public:Alex Prudente-  01/06/2013
Anyone with a boardgame at hand?Natalie Greineck6  12/30/2012
Why is there no one here ?Taïna Cluzeau5  12/05/2012