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The wonders of the underwater in Sri Lanka

The adventure of scuba diving can be combined with activities ranging from underwater photography, to the study of the varied types of ocean life.The coral world is inhabited by a profound number of beautiful species such as rays, eels, clown fish, porcupine, moorish idol, unicorn and moorish angel to name a few. The common species belonging to the families of Aroporidae (Staghorn Corals), Poritidae (Donnie Corals), Mussidae (Brain Corals), faviidae (Ster Corals) and Pocelloporidae (Flower Corals).

" Sri Lanka's spectacular scenic beauty is rivalled only by the wonders of her underwater world," an apt saying as the sea surrounding the pearl of the Indian Ocean holds many treasures; The multi-hued coral reef which encompasses the south and east coast is illuminated by the rays of the sun creating a magical effect along with the vibrant tropical fish, and the submerged shipwrecks offer ample opportunity for underwater archaeologists, photographers and adventure seekers alike.

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