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Cheap living-Vancouver


For those with budget restrictions, concerns or ideas, this is the place for you.

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Created: Jul 20, 2012
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ST.CAIO ST.CAIO moderator 07/20/2012
Britta FBritta F moderator 07/20/2012
tamir661tamir661 03/30/2014
Andrea ButtariniAndrea Buttarini 03/31/2014
Linda van de Laar Linda van de Laar moving to vancouver 03/25/2014
Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA Gilles N Jessica DA SILVA I'll be living without a lot of money in Van for a year ! 10/08/2013
Caro MuellerCaro Mueller 04/18/2014
Bero BresslerBero Bressler 04/15/2014


Cheap living: Dumpster diving Vancouver55

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Room for rent in May/June 500$Caro Mueller-  04/18/2014
Any fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman? Exchanging volume 3 for volume 1Reem Morsi-  03/29/2014
Shop for used bikes / Cheap PrePaid Mobile OperatorJonas Hilger-  03/11/2014
Dumpster diving Donald's market this weekendJeff Rutherford2  03/01/2014
Need a place to stay..Henning Isensee1  02/26/2014
Downtown Vancouver :-)William Chris Patterson1  02/19/2014
If your arriving in Vancouver and looking for a place to stay for a few months or even a month STAY IN THE BEST PART !!! DOWNTOWN WESTEND!!!William Chris Patterson-  02/01/2014
Free yogaBetty Saudemont5  01/20/2014
Tiny house needs a home!Lara Sponagle-  01/09/2014
Alas, you can't take it with you...Shane Lange-  12/06/2013
Anyone interested in dumpster diving together?Kayla Isomura46  11/26/2013
flat share in vancouver area from januaryFranck Leroux-  11/20/2013
Do you have a room for rent?malinn Hjortland-  11/08/2013
swap Italian lessons for...Felipe Magalhaes-  11/01/2013
Free store.Betty Saudemont-  10/28/2013
Subgroup for dumpster diving*Kayla Isomura1  10/25/2013
Free events at the library!Heather Bird4  10/22/2013
place to stay for 5 monthsrobertconte1  08/23/2013
Free art workshops at the Purple ThistleHeather Bird2  08/23/2013
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