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Long Island


For those couchsurfers who live on Long Island and want to network, or those who want to travel there. It is overshadowed by New York City, but that's why it is so great in that non-touristy way CSers love!

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Created: May 16, 2007
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Claire Michaella Claire Michaella moderator Born and raised proud Long Islander. 05/16/2007
MaryAnne Santini MaryAnne Santini moderator Live on Long Island 03/24/2008
Stephen Cole Stephen Cole suffolk county lover 08/06/2009
Victor Geancarlo García Victor Geancarlo García Will go on July 03/30/2014
Meghan BethMeghan Beth 08/20/2012
Steve ScelziSteve Scelzi I live on Longguyland. 05/21/2013
Gennadiy RyklinGennadiy Ryklin I live here 07/28/2010
Christian MichaelChristian Michael 05/07/2010


Eastern Suffolk, Long Island79165
Long Island soccer fans1-

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Flagged postsModerator 1  03/25/2008
Looking for a roomErik Freutel-  08/22/2012
new to the areaErik Freutel4  08/21/2012
HermaPalooza 2K12Yves Vaudaux-  08/18/2012
couch?Sophie Malatynski-  08/15/2012
Looking for a room or 2 from Aug to Dec or JanBETSYTER-  08/11/2012
Advice on Apt SearchBETSYTER2  08/05/2012
Dark Knight rises, tuesday July 24Daryl Bennett2  07/22/2012
Vans Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum Sat 7/21Maria Dominguez-  07/18/2012
Blue Point Brewery, mmmmmmm.Daryl Bennett2  07/04/2012
house partyJohn Cholewa2  06/30/2012
Euro Cup... and lots of beer!Joshua Rahman-  06/27/2012
Forbidden Love with "The One", including receptionPaul Gasparo-  06/26/2012
Cinema - Brave 3DYves Vaudaux-  06/25/2012
NYC Pride - Sunday 24 JunePaul Gasparo1  06/21/2012
Laserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr TagggggDaryl Bennett-  06/19/2012
NYC Couch Crash 2012 - July 26th to August 5thBilly Li2  06/18/2012
Floral Park Street Fair TodayZvi Eli Bushwick-  06/10/2012
PLEASE CAN YOU HELP?/ ADVISELynne and John H12  06/05/2012
Looking for a place to rent for 4, East Hamptons/ around for 2 months!!!Patrycja Cyganek-  06/04/2012
lets watch promethues on thursday!Joshua Rahman-  06/04/2012
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