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Long Island


For those couchsurfers who live on Long Island and want to network, or those who want to travel there. It is overshadowed by New York City, but that's why it is so great in that non-touristy way CSers love!

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Created: May 16, 2007
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Claire Michaella Claire Michaella moderator Born and raised proud Long Islander. 05/16/2007
MaryAnne Santini MaryAnne Santini moderator Live on Long Island 03/24/2008
Stephen Cole Stephen Cole suffolk county lover 08/06/2009
Victor Geancarlo García Victor Geancarlo García Will go on July 03/30/2014
Meghan BethMeghan Beth 08/20/2012
Steve ScelziSteve Scelzi I live on Longguyland. 05/21/2013
Gennadiy RyklinGennadiy Ryklin I live here 07/28/2010
Christian MichaelChristian Michael 05/07/2010


Eastern Suffolk, Long Island79165
Long Island soccer fans1-

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MOMA on Friday?Garrett Bates-  05/25/2012
wednesday hike!Daryl Bennett5  05/22/2012
Third Annual Potluck!Daryl Bennett1  05/18/2012
Best Place in NY? Is it? Anyone wanna show me around or host me for one or 2 nights?Magkat-  05/17/2012
Another Couch Crash? It's Detroit Camp City! Your 2012 Summer Camp, July 11-15Nathan Andren-  05/17/2012
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last minute, but meeting up tuesday!Daryl Bennett1  04/20/2012
4/7/12Daryl Bennett4  03/20/2012
Third Annual Potluck!Daryl Bennett-  03/14/2012
MARCH 10th house party, middle of NassauJohn Cholewa1  03/03/2012
St Patricks Day paradeDaryl Bennett-  03/01/2012
Cruisin' huntington villageDaryl Bennett-  02/29/2012
June on Long IslandBrenda Neihouse-  02/16/2012
FIGMENT LI Volunteer Meet & GreetNicole Yanaros-  02/07/2012